Our Services

Assistive pro - household task

Our Assistive Prod-Household support aims to help people with disability with household chores like Cleaning, cooking, gardening etc so that they can gain full independence. The supports are designed to be flexible and may decrease or increase as individual needs change. Our aim is to enable a person with a disability to become more independent in everyday life.

Interpret/ translate

Members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds usually require help in accessing translation and interpretations, to utilize and implement the services and supports available under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Hence, we provide them with the same.

Household tasks

The household tasks that certainly cannot be managed and accomplished by some members, are performed by us for you. These include meal preparation and delivery, house and yard maintenance, cleaning, showering, dressing and laundry work.

Specialised Disability Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation provides homes for people with special needs. It includes an apartment or a free-standing house, with mixed development which works for those people who need a special housing solution for safe living, along with rental accommodations.

Innovative Community Participation

We understand that being able to enjoy a day out, try a new activity or just spend quality time with others can make a real difference to our lives. Our team assists participants to join the activity and skills group so that they can learn new skills, make new friends and have fun.

Assist - travel/ transport

At Essence Care, we work for people who want to live independently, getting the right care and support is just as important as finding the right home. We assist people with disability with transportation services ensuring that they reach their destination on time, safely and hassle-free.

Community nursing care

People with disabilities are provided nursing care to promote physical well-being, which includes monitoring of present conditions and treatments.

Participate Community

At Essence Community Care, we assist the participants with everything, be it shopping, participating in group activities, community event participation, recreational activities and even running errands. This support service aims at making their lives easy, fun-filled and allows them to be independent.

Development- Life Skills

At Essence Community Care, we assist in enhancing the abilities of the participants to live their life independently. We provide specific training, and conduct activities meant to develop a certain life skill which is essential to have an independent life, which includes but is not limited to developing a skill to travel comfortably in public transport.

Assist- Life Stages, Transitions

Transitions in life are inevitable. We assist the participants in managing their life stages and dealing with the transitions. Our team ensures to lay emphasis on planning various life stages, assistance with accommodation and associated obligations, routine budgeting and planning, decision making, and strengthening their ability to coordinate the support.

Personal Activities High

At Essence Community Care, we provide high intensity supervision whilst the participants perform their personal activities in their routine life. We are qualified and experienced to suit the complex needs of the participants with disability and can offer supports in a range of environments, that includes but is not limited to their own home.

Group/Centre Activities

Group activities are a real stress-buster. Essence Community Care assists NDIS participants to actively participate and get involved in group and social activities. Our aim is to assist as much as we can, and contribute towards an active lifestyle of the members, to make them live life autonomously.

Assist Personal Activities

With us, the participants are provided with support to enable and ensure maximum independence whilst performing their routine personal activities. We provide holistic assistance with personal activities, including cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, paying bills and many more. We make sure that the participants are comfortable, independent, and confident in a range of environments, including but not limited to, their own home.

Plan Management

As a Plan Manager for participants, we assist to keep a track of your funds, take up the financial reporting task, allocate the funds in the right direction according to the NDIS support plan, and hence, make sure the funds are utilized in an effective manner.