Hearing equipment

Hearing equipment

  • Vehicle modification
  • Hearing equipment
  • Assist – travel/ transport
  • Assistive equip – recreation

Vision equipment

Vision equipment

  • Specialised driver training
  • Vision equipment
  • Assist – pro pers/ care / safety
  • Assistive pro – household task

Ex phys pers training

Ex phys pers training

  • Interpret/ translate
  • Ex phys pers training
  • Home modification
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Comms & info equipment

Household tasks

Household tasks

  • Custom prosthetics
  • Personal mobility equipment
  • Household tasks
  • Community nursing care
  • Accommodation/ tenancy

About Essence Community Care

We rise by lifting others

Essence Community Care is established with a vision of providing NDIS support to people with disabilities and their families. We focus on providing a wide range of lifestyle services to improve the well-being of the people in need. With an aim of making disabled people independent, and craft a special support plan with a list of services according to their requirements which certainly helps them in the best possible way.

Mission Statement

Building support needed for people with special needs to live independently and freely within the community.

Our Passion

Our passion is to deliver high-quality care to our valued clients.

Our Services

Assistive Prod-Household Task

Our Assistive Prod-Household support aims to help people with disability with household chores like Cleaning, cooking, gardening etc so that they can gain full independence.

Assit- Travel/Transport

At Essence Care, we work for people who want to live independently, getting the right care and support is just as important as finding the right home.

Innovative Community Participation

We understand that being able to enjoy a day out, try a new activity or just spend quality time with others can make a real difference to our lives.

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